Good Times Temple brings you a weathered, warm voice that shouts, hollers and caresses. We bring you riveting bluesharp playing, groovy slide guitar and a mean, primally driven rhythm section. An evening in the Good Times Temple comes groove guaranteed!

We’re a bluesband. A bluestribe. We’re in it for the music and the vibes. Over the course of the last 2 years we’ve gained a solid live reputation, playing innumerable gigs in Ghent, Brussels, Louvain, Antwerp, and the east- and westflemish countryside.

People need the fire within! The realisation came suddenly one chilly and dark wednesdaynight.  Hotsy Totsy throbbed to the rhythm of a dancing crowd. A young man with a reflex camera edged his way forward just in front of the stage.  The audience sang and chanted. The sound resonated through the sixteenth century building. In the unfathomable depths of the soul of Ghent something awoke.

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